About Us Event

Hanasia was founded in 1989 by Andy Chung – Former Hong Kong Badminton Team, after retired from the HK>Team. Establish C N ALPHA brand name means of number one. Specialized in Badminton Equipment and Acessories. 

As a Sports supplier, wholesaler, brand name Agent. Which consists of C N ALPHA – BADMINTON SHUTTLECOCKS, NAGASE KENKO - WBF authorized  SPORTS FLOOR – Made in JAPAN        EXTHREE –  the BEST MANUFACTURER OF THE STRINGING MACHINE, INCLUDED MANUAL, ELECTRONICS STRINGING MACHINE,   WINEX – Specialized in Badminton Rackets, & accessories. FLEET- Top players badminton Rackets, sports shoes, Grips , accessories.

C N ALPHA , ORANGE LABEL, & RED LABEL, ARE OFFICIAL SHUTTLECOCKS of Hong Kong Badminton Association for Training & Competition use respectively.

Official Shuttlecocks supplier for Hong Kong Schools Sports Federation, provide to all over the Primary & Secondary School in HONG KONG.

Official Shuttlecocks supplier for The Hong Kong University Sports Federation of Hong Kong China.  

Offical Shuttlecocks supplier for Vocational Training Council.

Official Shuttlecocks supplier for Hong Kong Sports Institute, Hong Kong Badminton Association.